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Exclusive interview for the Macedonian Ilinden newspaper: Dr. Olsi Jazexhi Albanian historian, a publicist and political analyst

Macedonian newspaper Ilinden: How do you see the perspectives of the relations between the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Macedonia? Dr. Olsi Jazexhi: I see the relations of Albania and Macedonia developing very well. Albania and Macedonia share many things together. They are Balkan countries who share their Ottoman and Byzantine past. Many nationalist – Rilindas of Albania ...

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Exclusive interview for the newspaper “Ilinden”: Dr.Marcus Papadopoulos is the publisher and editor of Politics First, a non-partisan publication for the UK Parliament

Newspaper “Ilinden”: Dr Marcus Papadopoulos, please provide a short biography to introduce yourself to the readers. Since my childhood, I have had a fascination and passion for the former Yugoslavia; so much so that it is, today, one of my two fields of expertise, the other being Russia.  I have been researching the history of the Balkans, including its people ...

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